BACDA-UK was formed on February 26, 2011 as an apolitical non-profit, cultural and development organization with multiple but fundamental objectives and values.

Dedicated to nurturing and fostering Bakossi cultural norms and traditional values, the organisation was formed to equally promote social cohesion amongst the current and future generations of sons and daughter of Bakossiland and their significant others in our host country, United Kingdom [UK].

BACDA-UK is therefore a cultural and communication organisation with clear objectives and goals which focus on human needs and culture including but not limited to nurturing the spirit of togetherness by simply recognising and living the Bakossi dream in our host country – A key foundation block on which the organisation was formed.

BACDA-UK membership has grown since its formation and continues to grow as more and more eligible members realise the impetus of our Diaspora community and the difference it makes or can make in our community of origin.

We welcome strategic initiatives with other communication organisation and continue to leverage on information sharing and the value of contributing to the needs of non-affiliated communities. We hope this section of our website will enable you to learn more about our organisation.

That having been said, should you require additional information about BACDA-UK or any other BACDA organisation, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Executive team or go to the links section which provides valuable web links to other BACDA organisations worldwide.

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