One of our core objectives is to enhance and maintain a true support mechanism hence ensuring that members in all categories are supported where possible in accordance with our core values. To achieve this, we carefully design and implement key initiatives which embody our core objectives. Such initiatives include but are not limited to: BACDA-UK Kids Fund On May 28, 2011, we launched a BACDA-UK KIDS FUND. In addition to additional pledges from members of the community, we raised a total of £250:00 GBP at the May meeting to kick-start the fund.

The Fund is designed to attain the following objectives:

• Facilitate the organisation of events for ekosse children in the UK.

• Assist the purchase of books to assist our children in learning ekosse language.

• Ensure every BACDA-UK dependent member receives a Christmas Present at our Annual General Meeting.

• In the future, the fund will be extended to assist ekosse children back home through a number of initiatives including but not limited to supporting orphanages, homeless children etc.

We plead for support to boost this fund and provide nothing but the best for ekosse children in the UK and at home. To support this initiative, please instruct your bank to make payment to our Bank – see details below. Some members have already set-up monthly standing orders ranging from £2.50 GBP to higher amounts a month. We encourage others and especially members to do the same – Every little counts.


Bank: NatWest Bank – Moorgate Branch

Account Name: BACDA-UK

Account Number: 25225715

Sort Code: 56-00-23

Charity begins at home – Please donate generously.

Example: £2.50 a month by 100 members will amount to £3,000 GBP per annum which can go a long way towards supporting and sponsoring ekosse children – This is serious stuff so, please consider making a monthly contributions no matter how small.

BACDA-UK Njangi Syndicate & Member Loan Scheme

A detailed paper in this regard is currently under review by the General Assembly. We shall share more defined information with you as it becomes available.

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