BACDA-UK was formed on February 26, 2011 in the town of Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom with Neville Etube as its first President. The meeting was attended by Bakossi sons and daughters who felt the need for the creation of BACDA-UK and who share the dream of a global BACDA organisation which will be better positioned to accomplish scaled developmental objectives in Bakossiland and the Republic of Cameroon.

The formation meeting was attended by the following with the exclusion of children:

·         Mbone Nzumebong

·         Barbara Epie

·         Neville Etube

·         Esther Ngange

·         Daniel Alara

·         Stanley Ngwesse,

·         Maureen Ngwesse

·         Catherin Milgiewicz

·         Maciej Milgiewicz

·         Chantal Ngede

·         Elvis Ewane

·         Max Ewane

·         Sharon Ewane

·         Loveline Awah-Ngalle

·         Motto Awah-Ngalle

·         Sonja Etube

·         Calistus Ngome Sone

·         Epie Paul

·         Denise Ewanzang

·         Mirabel Samme


2011 is therefore a unique year for the Bakossi Diaspora community and we cannot ignore the courage and commitment of the above names when talking about BACDA-UK.

One of our key goals is create a legacy with a promise to generations hence enabling our offspring to learn something from us about our heritage and always remember us and where we come from.



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