Dear Visitor,

I take pleasure in welcoming you and I do hope your expectation shall be met as you explore our website. Our top priority at BACDA-UK since inception has been to plant an unshakeable foundation designed to ensure continuity and sustainability.

You will be pleased to know that we operate in very stable environment where responsibility, accountability, equality and transparency are a given, and we recognise the benefits of these factors which define the character and future of an organisation.

Our 2nd top priority in 2011 and 2012 was to create awareness of BACDA-UK’s existence, its capability and its capacity for community building. Central to the theme of community building for common good are the concepts of Development and Social Support which are at the heart of all that we do. By 2012 year-end, BACDA-UK experienced an increase in its membership base and transitioned into 2013 as an admirable community organisation that is trusted and capable of delivering key strategic objectives.

The backbone of our roadmap to success is our vision which has cultural, developmental and social dimensions. Whilst challenges inherent in the current economic climate have hindered our progress on the developmental front, we have made great strides on our social and cultural agenda.

I therefore take this opportunity in thanking all BACDA-UK members and supporters who have contributed to our achievements to date – I thank you all sincerely for your support, time and commitment to the ideals of BACDA-UK. A special thank you also goes to our patroness and entrepreneur, Mrs Grace Elone who has done nothing but to propel BACDA-UK onwards and upwards.

I would also like to thank Mr Oscar-Kenneth Njume Njumbe who has done a splendid job of managing our website from creation to date. BACDA-UK is truly blessed with committed individuals who see beyond today and are capable of giving without expecting anything in return. We have a vision and an annual strategic plan to support it. As a people, we aim to leverage on our past glories, learn from our past mistakes, take corrective steps to improve our methodologies and practices, maintain a flexible but cohesive approach, and exercise tolerance and empathy towards others.

The desire of most Bakossi sons and daughters is to have a worldwide umbrella Bakossi organisation that will take the aspirations and development of the Bakossi people to a level that we can only dream of today. No other organisation is better positioned to achieve this great milestone than BACDA. We are therefore confident that this dream will come to fruition in the future as we continue to leverage on the benefits of economies of scale in our communities with deliberate avoidance of re-invention.

Your future, the future of our children and our future collectively depends on us all and we can play our part today if we so wish. BACDA-UK creates a platform where Bakossi sons and daughters can participate or contribute to common ideals and aspirations. Join us in building together, and join us to teach that what we do today will impact us and generations to come. Thank you for your time and please do not hesitate to contact us if we could be of assistance to you or someone you know needs us.

Yours sincerely,

Delphine Etube 

BACDA-UK President

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