The Bakossi people occupy an area of more than 3,000 square kilometres of both highlands and lowland on the western and eastern slopes of the Bakossi Mountains; Mt. Kupe, Mt Mwanenguba and Mt Nlonako in the Republic of Cameroon. It has fertile soils, watered by streams that rise in the mountains, and is covered by dense forest which contains a wide variety of trees, birds and animals.

Bakossiland has a population of 200,000 and the Bakossi people grow coco yam, cassava and some corn for food. For cash our people cultivate coffee in the higher parts and cocoa lower down.

Administratively, the Bakossi people fall under the Kupe-Manenguba Division headquartered in Bangem, and the Mungo Division in the Littoral Province. Kupe-Manenguba Division is the second largest producer of cocoa in the South West Province of the Republic, and is composed of three subdivisions: Bangem, Tombel and Nguti.

The Bakossi Forest Reserve of 5,517 square kilometers (2,130 sq mi) was created in 1956. In 2000, the main section of Bakossi was designated a protection forest. All logging was banned and Kupe became a "strict nature reserve". The local Bakossi people participated in delineating the boundaries. There were large gains in management effectiveness of the forest.

The Mwanenguba Mountain (2,411m) is situated to the north-west of the town of Nkongsamba. The crater of this volcanic mountain, at 1,950 m, is a large grassy plain with a few low hills, a marshy area to the south and two deep volcanic lakes (twin lakes of Muanenguba). The larger female lake is the only accessible of the two.


The smaller male lake is inaccessible due to its obscene character and the traditional belief that it is inhabited by supernatural beings that can inflict punishment upon anyone who dares to go close. This male lake is surrounded by trees, but not even a leaf falls into it. A stone thrown into it with any amount of force will always land on the banks! The Muanenguba Mountains and the mysterious twin lakes make for a great touristic site.

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