The Thanksgiving Ceremony in Bakossiland is known as Ndie.

The Bakossi believe that the dead are not exclusively dead; they play the mediator between the Living and God.  In the summer of every year, a particular day is designated for the people to commune with the ancestors. Each village decides their celebration date.

The chosen date is announced by no else but Sango Muankum, the cultural Policeman, the governor, the judge, the overseer, the landlord, the god of the land, to say the least. He will give tall orders to the entire community to have the whole road network cleaned, and sanctions all the women to stock food at home and reserve their best harvest for the august occasion. 

The voice of Sango Muankum is louder than an amplifier and it is as petrifying as it is obligate and compelling and not without metastasis.  His speed is supersonic, and he can travel through the whole Bakossiland in a split second.

His metallic rules of Muankum are hardly breached and his fines are hefty as well. He is arguably the most esoteric and mysterious of Bakossi jujus. When he is out there, all lightings (lamps and electricity) are abruptly shot down without contest because he works and walks better in darkness and light is said to impair his sight and vision and he levies very lofty fines to defaulters. He never comes out during full moon. 

If he does, he limits himself to the opaque and sinister shrine, the same holds if he decides to come out during the day, which however is rare except there’s something very ominous and emergent. You can only see him if you are initiated in his world, and the fee is no sinecure, and paying the fee is no guarantee that you will see him. 


If you are stubborn and head strong, you can hunt him for nine days and nights during initiation before you can behold his tail. Initiation into this judicial juju society is synonymous to a military academy.

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