According to our tradition, the Bakossi people are descended from the great hunter Ngoe (or Ngweh) and his beautiful wife Sumejang. The couple had twelve children. At one time, a supernatural being warned the couple that a flood was coming and told them to make a box in which to escape.

They built an ark, taking in their family and all kinds of animals, and survived the flood. The ark came to rest between the twin lakes of Mwanenguba, one of which is said to have a female character and the other male. Different clans of Bakossi claim descent from different children and grandchildren of this couple.

We (the Bakossi) are related to other people of the region including the Bafaw, Bakundu, Balong, Bassossi, Mbo, Abo, Miamilo, Baneka, Muaneman, Muange, Bareko, Bakaka, Babong, Balondo, Manehas, Bongkeng, and Bakem. The Bakossi people speak a Bantu dialect called Akose.




Bakossi House in 1920

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