Bakossiland has been endowed with intellect and resilience. Education is at the top of the Bakossi people’s agenda and over time, the Bakossi people have been proud to have some prominent political figures in the Cameroon Government.

Albert Ngome Kome was a leading political figure of the Bakossi people. He was Minister of Transport from 8 November 1979 to 17 July 1984 under the governments of President Ahmadou Ahidjo and his successor President Paul Biya.

A 2006 article described Kome as a member of the Kupe Muanenguba elite, which also included Napoleon Besong Nyake, Professor Elvis Ngolle Ngolle, appointed Minister of Forests and Wildlife on 22 September 2006, Chief Justice Epuli Aloh Mathias, Professor Charles Epie Alobwede, Professor Paul Ndue and Paul Eulong.

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