On the aggregate, recently released GCE O Level results paint a grim picture of education in Bakossiland.

Pass rates of key Schools/Centres were as follows:


GBHS Bangem - 48%


GHS Nyasoso - 39.73%


GBHS Tombel - 40.99%


Unity Comprehensive [Private] - 19%


GSS Ebonji - 49.62%


Tombel External - 26%


Not one of the above schools scored 50% or more although Ebonji did well by comparison.


Ultimately, every parent would want their child to go to a better performing school even if that means going outside Bakossiland and provided they can afford it – A means of guaranteeing the success of their child. No one can blame them or the Bakossi Civil Servants who use to send their children back to Bakossiland to attain secondary and high school education. What we are perhaps yet to realise or have done but are ignoring is that this change in dynamics has a profound impact on the local economy and its residents. Nyasoso for example has suffered tremendously from this effect for some time now and continues to do so – A school that was once attended by students from as far as the north of our country, Yaounde, Douala etc is now almost deserted and so too is the famous village which now has only its hospital to show for and attract visitors.


Whilst watching for now, it’s important that we all ponder on what if anything Diaspora Communities, Charities, X-Student Associations and Government Officials in Cameroon can do to help. BESTA for example agreed to spend €1,000.00 on books for GBHS Bangem at their 2011 convention in Leuven – Belgium.


The fear is that not unless something is done and urgently perhaps, development in Bakossiland would continue to be regressive and we already know that not unless we act, no one elsewhere may come to our aid or on time if we may. Something therefore needs to be done.


Please forward any proposals or related information that you may have to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Particularly, we would like to hear from the principals of these institutions as many associated organisations including BACDA-UK would like to understand the current constraints that prohibit excellence. We need to thrive but we can only do so if we have a co-ordinated approach in place to drive the desired performance.


BACDA-UK - PR Office


August 3, 2011

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