Travelling has always been about discovery, and it is through visiting other countries that we learn about the world. Tourism is not just a monetary exchange, it is about the exchange ofexperience- learning about new places, faces and people so why not Bakossiland and the people?  

For those who have already visited Bakossiland, it is the experience of our culture heritage that makes their stay so special not just the twin lakes, mountains, forests etc.

A trip to Cameroon and Bakossiland is about more than just scenery- the real face of our region is found among the combined faces of Bakossi people’s culture and traditions. It is the people who bring the destination to life and each of our landscapes has a different cultural significance. 
When you consider the importance of cultural tourism around the world, it is easy to see that Bakossiland offers more than any other destination in Cameroon and most parts of Africa.

Cultural tourism is not just about foreign visitors. We as Bakossi people can learn a great deal about ourselves and our region by experiencing the broad diversity that surrounds us. Exposing

ourselves and our families to other sub-cultures teaches us and future generations to respect others and live in peace. 

Cultural tourism shows us the great value of our traditions and our community spirit, and by encouraging and celebrating culture, we ensure it is preserved and protected for the future.
Increasingly, more and more communities are turning to tourist projects as a means of sustaining and enriching their lives.

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